Heat-resistant bioplastic catches frame maker’s eye


The Biofront brand of high-heat bioplastic, developed and supplied by Japan's Teijin Ltd., has been specified by Boston Club Co. Ltd. for its Japonism series of eyeglasses. Starting this May, these eyeglasses will be available at retail stories in Japan.

Differing from conventional PLA, which is comprised solely of poly-L-lactic acid polymer, stereocomplex PLA also contains the poly-D-lactic acid enantiomer. This results in a melting point that is more than 40°C higher than standard PLA, putting Biofront's heat resistance on a par with petroleum-derived polybutylene terephthalate (PBT).

Boston Club expects to sell 2000 pairs of the eyeglasses annually. Most pairs of eyeglass frames weigh 25 grams or a bit less, so the volume discussed here is small. For Teijin, though, it is an opportunity for its material to see use in a high visibility application (pun intended)....
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