Halogen-free movement extends to colorants


Companies in the electrical and electronics sector are working to reduce the halogen content of their products, typically through the usage of non-halogenated flame retardants and polyolefin-based resins for wire encapsulation. Colorant suppliers also believe they can play a role in reducing the halogen content of final products by offering high-purity products of their own that are essentially free of contaminants.

Speaking to PlasticsToday at the recent Chinaplas show, Hugo Wu, regional head of sales at Clariant Chemicals (China) Ltd. (Shanghai), stated that the supplier’s LHC series of colorants for plastics guaranteed halogen levels of less than 500 ppm. Colorants are normally contaminated to a certain degree by halogens from sources such as process water but Clariant’s clean process enables contamination to be minimized. “Our interim target is to reduce halogen levels to 400 ppm, and we are targeting 100 ppm in the future,” says Wu.

Interestingly, the largest order received for LHC series of colorants was not from the electronics sector but a U.S. manufacturer of children’s footwear. “We believe there are opportunities for these colorants everywhere, and not just in consumer electronics,” says Wu. —mpweditorial@ubm.com...
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