Halogen-free PC/PBT blends rated V0


Non-reinforced and glass-fiber-reinforced, halogen-free, flame-retardant PC/PBT blends from Romira GmbH (Pinneberg, Germany) are said to boast significantly better stress crack and chemical resistance compared with PC/ABS FR blends. The partially crystalline PBT component functions to greatly increases their distortion temperature while improving the surface characteristics of molded products, especially in the case of the glass-fiber-reinforced compounds.

The PC/PBT blends Romiloy EXP1950 (non-reinforced), Romiloy EXP2047 and EXP2088—both glass-fiber reinforced—meet the UL 94 V0 standard down to 1.5 mm. In addition, the new Romiloy blends reportedly offer very good scratch resistance. The new grades are resistant to food oils or highly alkaline cleaning agents, making them especially suitable for uses where housings and parts are subject to frequent cleaning, such as medical instruments and devices. —immeditorial@ubm.com