Haitian sees 2010 sales skyrocket; sets up Vietnamese plant


Leading Chinese injection machine builder Haitian (Ningbo) recorded revenue of RMB7057.3 million ($1041.4 million) in 2010 representing an 82.8% jump over 2009. The vendor also more than doubled its net profit to RMB1,062.6 million ($151.5 million).

Speaking at a press event at the recent Chinaplas show, executive director and CSO, Helmar Franz said that both domestic (up 79.2%) and export (up 101.9%) markets rebounded strongly while geographically speaking, South America (28.7% of export sales) and the Middle East (12.3%) experienced the fastest growth.

Franz also highlighted strong growth for its all-electric Zhafir Venus machines, with sales quadrupling from RMB42.5 million ($6.2 million) to RMB172 million ($25.4 million). "We have now delivered 800 Venus machines [since the series launch in 2007]," says Franz.

Energy saving is also a key component of the servo-driven hydraulic Mars series from Haitian and 20,074 were sold in 2010 valued at RMB4830.2 million ($712.7 million). Incidentally, that works out to an average machine price of around $35,500. Mars machines are available with clamping forces of 67 to 2700 tons.

40,000 Mars machines have now been shipped since 2006 when they were introduced, and Mars shipments accounted for 71.4% of sales in 2010.

Responding to buoyant demand for its machines, Haitian is expanding its main production facility in Ningbo, while it also inaugurated a subsidiary in Vietnam that will assemble machines for the Southeast Asian and Indian markets. Imports of most Chinese injection machines into India are subjected to tariffs, with large machines and all-electric machines being the exceptions.

Haitian does stress, however, that the primary mission of the Vietnam production facility is to reduce delivery times and provide better and faster service to the Southeast Asian market, which accounted for 23.7% of its export sales in 2010. Haitian also assembles machines in Germany, Turkey (where it reports a 60% market share), and Brazil.

Haitian is also actively targeting Japanese processors with operations in Southeast Asia and to this end, it set up a technical center in Japan in 2010. The center reports it is currently busy testing both tooling and machinery at the facility.

Haitian also unveiled a number of new machines and innovations at the recent Chinaplas show in Guangzhou, among them a version of its entry-level Pluto Series featuring servo-driven hydraulics called the PL1200/370J. Haitian also showed a Pallas Series machine, the PA2500/mcf, employing the Trexel Micro Cellular Foam (MCF) process, and an all-electric Mercury machine, the ME550 30-30, which employs a plunger injection unit. The latter was molding a connector from LCP in an eight-cavity mold in a cycle time of 10.5 seconds with 3 kW/hour of energy consumption.

Haitian has also modified its Venus Series all-electric machine to handle fast-cycling packaging applications. "Customers bought our standard machines and saw that they were highly suited for packaging so we put a little more power on the injection side," says Franz. The VE3000/1400p on show at Chinaplas was molding HDPE closures in a 48-cavity tool in a cycle time of 3.8 seconds and with energy consumption rates at 10 kW/hour.-mpweditorial@ubm.com...
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