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HEXPOL TPE offers solutions for automotive mats

Dryflex AM TPE compounds for Automotive Mats
The HEXPOL TPE group has developed several grades of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) specifically engineered to address the requirements for automotive mats.

The range, known as Dryflex AM, combines the performance of rubbers with the processability of plastics and includes grades based on SBS and SEBS which are available in hardnesses from 50 to 75 Shore A. High flow grades are available which have been designed for complex mouldings with a large surface area such as trunk liners. Other applications for Dryflex AM materials include floor mats, coin mats, fascia mats and trim.

For automotive floor mats the material needs to have high scratch and abrasion resistance. It is also critical that the material is non-slip, even when wet. The material structure of Dryflex AM compounds produces the high co-efficient of friction, helping to create a non-slip surface.

Dryflex AM materials are low odour and fogging. They require no vulcanisation and are 100% recyclable during production. This means less energy is used and production is faster and more cost-efficient.

Sven-M. Druwen, European sales coordinator for HEXPOL TPE commented, “Our teams work hand-in-hand with our automotive customers to develop solutions that address new and emerging demands. With governments’ worldwide enacting fuel efficiency and carbon emissions laws, one of the ways car manufacturers are looking to address these regulations is vehicle lightweighting. By reducing the weight of each component they can look to reduce the weight of the whole vehicle. That is one of the reasons we have developed our TPEs for automotive mats, they have a lower specific gravity compared to several alternative materials, you can therefore not only create lighter-weight parts, but you can also produce more parts per kilogram of material”.

HEXPOL TPE brings together the ELASTO businesses in Sweden, UK and China and Müller Kunststoffe in Germany.