E. A. Heitz GmbH & Co. KG Fabrik für Verschäumanlagen

HEITZ Decoration Technology

HEITZ has got the full range of machines for production of all decoration elements with plastificated or non-plastificated surface: covings, rosettes and ceiling tiles.

HEITZ HC 2210 / HC 2710: covings 2.000 / 2.500 mm length (plastificated or non-plastificated surface)

HEITZ H Dpla 04 / H Dpla 04 620: rosettes up to dia. 500 / 600 mm, ceiling tiles 500 x 500 mm / 600 x 600 mm (plastificated or non-plastificated surface)

With our worldwide installed turn-key plants we create your new business.

Picture: 2 Machines HEITZ HC 2210 incl. handling robot (option) before delivery at our workshop