HAHN ENERSAVE: Multifunctional pulse-cooling system and energy saving temperature controllers

The chiller and temperature control systems manufacturer HAHN ENERSAVE based in Reinheim / Hesse-Germany is on the K 2013 in Hall 11 / Stand G 63 with an overview of his production program for the plastics processing industry. The presentation focuses on the advanced functionality of the PulsTemp multi-circuit temperature control system and the potential energy savings with the high efficiency chiller and temperature control program.

HAHN PulseTemp, the truly multifunctional temperature control system

The PulseTemp multifunction and multiple circuit temperature control system is on the market for 10 years now and has proven itself in numerous complex tasks at renowned customers. The outstanding customer benefit of the system is that it combines different tempering systems in one unit and thus provides the customers with a future-proof concept. Thus, the system offers the option of both the classic operation mode "continuous tempering" as well as the "Impulse-tempering"-mode, which offers a potential for shortening the cooling time of up to 30%. The system-specific multi-functionality provides plastics processors with a maximum investment security without demanding a commitment to a particular temperature controlling method ahead of the purchase decision.
PulseTemp devices offer a high level of user comfort. Thus, in the operating mode "Regulating", in contrast to alternative devices, the set-point will pretend as a temperature value. The ability to work with two different primary temperature levels (hot and cold), is another unique feature, that clearly increases the user flexibility in process optimization.

PulseTemp available in three models for media temperatures up to 180°C.

PulseTemp 100 is a mobile temperature control device with max. six individually adjustable temperature control circuits. Several units can be connected with each other to a master / slave-configuration and thus the number of flow circuits increased. Each individual flow circuit is equipped with a flow measurement.
As a novelty at K 2013 the unit version PulseTemp 100 dynamic is presented. It was specifically designed for applications that require a dynamic thermoregulation. Depending on the particular phase of the injection moulding cycle the unit switches alternating between two different media temperatures (hot and cold). The result is a much later freezing of the flow front, and thus a reduction or even the elimination of the visible weld lines.
The PulseTemp 200 is adapted to the operating conditions of large injection moulding tools. Unlike with the smaller PulsTemp types the media-stream is not divided in the unit but on external flow control units attached to the machine platens and thus near to the mould. This reduces the pressure losses and the hosing costs to a minimum. With the PulseTemp 200 up to 72 cooling circuits can be controlled individually. (Fig. 1)

Energy efficiency components make temperature controllers to penny-pinchers.

Since the year 2010, the HAHN cooling and temperature control units of the ProTemp series 1-3 are equipped with perfectly balanced, high efficiency motor and pump units. The efficiency of the new drive system took a leading position in multiple comparison tests. Visible sign for the new system is the "e-series" logo. (Fig. 2) The ProTemp series is available in three variants for a media temperature up to 95°C, up to 150°C and new, even up to 180°C. An electronic flow-/ differential temperature- / pressure gauge is standard for the 95°C-version and optional for the 150°C and 180°C versions. An intuitive 4.3 inch Touchscreen-TFT-display with comprehensive display and monitoring functions is also part of the standard equipment.
The possibility to provide media temperatures up to 180°C, and a process-dependent, dynamic temperature control has made HAHN ENERSAVE the specialist for participating in special material applications such as the RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) process for the production of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) parts, as well as the hot pressing process.

Advanced temperature control range for Standard applications

As a product novelty HAHN ENERSAVE introduces the new SmartTemp temperature controller line. This series is technically positioned and priced below the ProTemp-series and include all common standard features for basic models with a heating capacity in the range of 6 to 9 kW. The control and operation is via a standard controller with a 7-segment display. For that product series HAHN offers an Eco pump as optional feature, a first in this class of equipment.

Large cooling systems, system planning and strategy Consulting

HAHN ENERSAVE for the first time will present an overview on its product and service portfolio of high capacity refrigeration plants with cooling capacities up to 1,000 kW (Fig. 3), accompanied by services for independent strategy consulting and business analysis, as well as integrating different technologies into a turn-key system.

HAHN cooling and temperature at Partner stands

Numerous machine manufacturers will employ the HAHN cooling and temperating devices, in some cases in combination with sophisticated temperature control tasks, on their stands. Kraus Maffei in Hall 15 / Stand C 24 uses ProTemp units in combination with the RTM process, Billion in Hall 15 / booth B 24 also ProTemp devices with flow distributors and integrated electronic flow sensors, as well as a Smart Cool-cooling unit. More HAHN devices will be in operation at Fanuc in Hall 15 / Stand B 25, and Dr. Boy in Hall 13 / Stand A 43.

The HAHN joint venture partner AYTEC in Hall 10 / Stand H 27 will show a PulseTemp application, as well as solutions for large cooling capacities.

On "linking different technologies in one system" HAHN ENERSAVE started a cooperation with the SKZ Würzburg, and the companies TIG in Rankweil / Austria and Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik in Ortenburg / Germany. As a result of this cooperation Micro-Epsilon in Hall 11 / Stand A 37 and HAHN ENERSAVE will present integration solutions, where process data are transferred from the inline thermography as set-points in a tempering process. The injection molding machine manufacturer Billion and HAHN ENERSAVE process data from the injection and thermoregulation process will be transferred into MES system (Manufacturing Execution Systems) by TIG for the process data acquisition, processing and visualization.

HAHN Automation Group presents handling robots

The HAHN presentation program on the K 2013 is complemented by robotics solutions from the HAHN Automation Group. An interesting live demonstration of a HAHN robot application can be seen at the stand of the machine manufacturer Dr. Boy in Hall 13 / Stand A 43..