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Guill Tool Extends New 200 Series Extrusion System To Handle Large-Wall Pipes, Tubes and Cable Up to 20” in Diameter

New Series’ Precision Engineering Ensures Closer Tolerances and Thinner Walls

West Warwick, RI – At the request of pipe, tubing and cable manufacturers, Guill Tool & Engineering has extended its new 200 Series extrusion system to handle sizes of up to 20” in diameter and up to 2” wall size thicknesses.

The new 200 Series is a self-contained extrusion system weighing as much as 7,000 lbs., with a patent pending mounted track with a cart for easy handling and maintenance of the Series 200. A key benefit to users is that the cart system is engineered to tilt the die on-the-fly in order to compensate for the catenary (sagging) effect caused by gravity as the extrusion product exits the equipment.

This is an extremely large and heavy extrusion system. Yet it offers excellent labor-saving benefits for cable, pipe and tubing manufacturers that are required to produce large-walled tubing,” said Bill Conley, Guill Tool’s Technical Sales Manager.

“The self-contained track support system enables one person to easily disassemble, clean and re-assemble the system by sliding the modular plates in and out of position, with no lifts and no rigging equipment,” Conley concluded.

Cable, tube or pipe manufacturers that require large diameter and multi-layer jacketing will also benefit from the new rapid advanced material flow of the 200 extrusion head and the support system, without the rigging or support equipment usually required by conventional systems on the market today.

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With Guill’s precision engineering, the 200 Series ensures thinner walls and closer tolerances. This is important for larger tubing sizes, where waste or scrap may account for thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Engineering for the closest tubing tolerances results in huge material savings for all users, according to Guill production officials.

Guill Tool also manufacturers tips, dies, and breaker plates using state-of-the-art computerized CNC machining and EDM equipment.

Engineering services using the latest CAD systems are available for custom designing extrusion tooling products: crossheads, tips, clamps, flanges, air wipes, forming rolls, spiderless inline dies, swing gates, breaker plates, special equipment and sizing dies.

Guill Tool, which received ISO certification in 1995, was the first major extrusion tooling company to meet those international standards. The company has long been recognized as one of the leading established designers and manufacturers of custom extrusion tooling for applications including wire, cable, fibre optics, medical tube, wood composites, automotive tube, plastic compounding, custom applications, rubber, profile, industrial pipe, hose & tube, blow moulding, food and packaging.

The company also encourages and provides education and training for the extrusion industry with plastic and aluminum model heads, fully illustrated operating manuals for step-by-step assembly and disassembly, and training videotapes, as well as classes on the care and cleaning of extrusion tooling.

Founded in Rhode Island in 1962 by A. Roger Guillemette, the company was established as a job shop supplying tips, dies, crossheads and replacement parts to the wire, cable plastics and rubber industries in New England and eventually across the US and Canada.

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