Gross mismanagement part II B: Furthering the discussion


By Design article generated 19 comments in what became a spirited online discussion of the intersection of corporate management, university curriculum and on-the-job training. Here Glenn extends the conversation drawing from his own experience as a business owner to outline his stance.

My last article with this same title was posted on Dec. 1, 2011. That story claimed that the current lack of enough technically competent new employees could be lessened if corporations were willing to provide on-the-job training. That article solicited a perfect storm of replies to the Editor. Fortunately the majority agreed with my conclusions.

However, many rightfully pointed out that corporate greed was only one of many factors contributing to this problem. I was chided for not sharing the blame with universities that refuse to modify their curriculum to adapt to the changing needs of industry. Government regulations and taxes were sited by several readers. Some claim that trade unions have unnecessarily driven wages and benefits to a non-competitive level....
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