Greiner Packaging enters the coffee capsule arena


Greiner Packaging (Kremsmünster, Austria) is the latest plastic packaging manufacturer to jump into the booming coffee capsule arena by producing its very own coffee capsules. Over the past few months, Greiner has collaborated with an internationally known player in the coffee industry to ensure top quality with its multi-barrier technology (MBT) which provides longer-lasting protection for the coffee aroma.

The end result is a capsule that not only raises the bar in barrier protection, but in sustainability as well. The production process begins with extrusion of the foil from which the capsules are thermoformed. A hole is punched in the center of each capsule through which the coffee drips through. The same goes for the edge at the bottom of the capsule where a filter is inserted. Only a precise production process allows smooth processing of the capsules. A fully automated camera system (Vision Control) monitors the entire production process. The packaging is also fully automated and touchless.
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