Green machines: The future of packaging?


If you're familiar with Engel machines, you know that the company favors a green color theme. But green isn't just a bright color on an all-electric Engel e-cap injection molding machine—it appears the company has adopted a sustainable mentality for all of its packaging equipment.

I recently attended Engel Packaging Days 2013 (April 24-25) at the company's North American headquarters in York, PA. It was a great event full of not only Engel machines, but also several presentations from various levels of the supply chain.

Something that stuck out to me during the packaging days was the talk of sustainability. Yes, I know sustainability is a big buzzword, especially in the packaging arena. Oftentimes the term is used to describe various materials and also large retailers and consumer goods companies looking to reduce packaging waste. But it's not as common to see sustainability as a driver for machines.
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