Green healthcare: Is it good or bad for plastics?


The nascent--and rapidly growing--green healthcare business is turning out in force this week in Boston at a conference and trade show called CleanMed that is drawing large numbers of a new professional group: hospital "sustainability managers".

Hospitals have been appointing officers to improve their environmental footprint after an admittedly bad track record for a very long time, and the effort is gaining momentum as hospital CEOs see the effort as a way to become greener and cut costs.

The movement began--at least as defined by the organizers of CleanMed--about 17 years ago by an activist named Gary Cohen who targeted removal of mercury toxins from hospitals and the closure of dioxin-spouting hospital incinerators. The group he founded called Healthcare Without Harm focused on hospitals because of their role in the economy, potential to become a model, and problematic environmental record....
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