Green Matter: Yparex launches first ever bio-based tie layer


Netherlands-based supplier of extrudable tie-layer resins for a variety of high-tech applications, Yparex has announced that it is the first supplier in the packaging industry to develop and commercialize a bio-based adhesive tie layer for multilayer packaging films. The new tie-layer resin is derived from 95% annually renewable resources and is fully recyclable, yet reportedly meets the same performance specifications as non-renewable petroleum-based polymer of the same family, thus providing a drop-in solution for packaging designers seeking to "green" their products.

Developing truly green packaging is a tough call for manufacturers everywhere. And with the packaging industry still debating how best to improve the sustainability of its products, there is still remarkably little consensus on the best way to go. Would that be thinner and lighter? More functionality? Renewably sourced material? Biodegradable or recyclable? All of the above?...
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