Green Matter: What’s all the buzz about the Be.e?

A scooter made of biocomposite material that runs on electricity: it doesn't get much greener than that. The Be.e scooter is exactly that, and more, says Vaniek Colenbrander of Van.eko, the company that developed and recently unveiled the new product concept. Colenbrander plans to market the Be.e on the basis of a circular business plan in which Van.eko remains the owner of the scooter, providing service and maintenance and guaranteeing the responsible end-of-life recycling of materials and parts; while users will lease the scooter on the basis of the number of kilometers ridden. Van.eko will offer potential clients a choice of monthly lease plans.

Will it work? Scooters are a favorite mode of transport for young and old in the crowded cities of South America, Europe and Asia and for good reason: they provide a fast and flexible way to get about, are relatively inexpensive to run and can be - and indeed are - parked everywhere and anywhere.

The downside is that scooters produce a lot more smog forming emissions than, for example, cars do. And while manufacturers are working on improvements, scooters obviously still do not have to meet the same stringent emission standards as cars. As more and more people become aware of the environmental impact of these vehicles, the new Be.e will offer a sustainable alternative for - in the first instance - Amsterdam's scooter devotees....

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