Green Matter: Sense and simplicity underlie Philips' material choices


Attending a recent conference in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, my attention was especially attracted by what one of the speakers—a member of the sustainability team at Royal Philips Electronics—had to say about the direction the company was headed on the use of recycled materials, and then particularly, the use of recycled plastics.

After all, this is the company whose sustainability performance in 2011 led to it achieving super-sector leadership in the Personal and Household Goods category in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. The company that presented the EcoVision Program, which sets sustainability performance targets for the end of 2015. A company that is striving to take "green innovation" very seriously, and, if the reports are to be believed, making steady headway towards reaching the target of 50% Green Product sales in the year 2015. ...
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