Green Matter: Purac uses sampling strategy to promote high-performance PLA


Hoping to accelerate the market introduction of its PLA resins, Purac, the Dutch-based manufacturer of biobased chemicals and biobased monomers for bioplastics, is now offering samples of its Puralact lactide-based PLA to potential customers for testing and product evaluation purposes.

The company is approaching the market directly, offering brand owners, converters, and compounders the chance to become familiar with the resins and blends that make up the PLA portfolio. Companies interested in exploring the benefits of high-performance bioplastics can obtain test samples directly from Purac. Industrial-scale PLA product evaluations will also be supported and supplied directly by the company. For ongoing commercial quantities of PLA resins, Purac will bring interested parties in direct contact with its strategic PLA supply partners.

According to Purac, "PLA is an acronym that stands for a range of different polymers." Thanks to Purac's PLA technology, the resins and blends on offer have a maximum heat resistance of up to 120°C (HDT B). This high-heat performance is achieved by improving the purity of the PLA polymer backbone. As a result, they are suitable for a wide range of applications in markets varying from consumer electronics, high-heat packaging, automotive interiors and automotive underhood components, to apparel and non-wovens.

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