Green Matter: Phthalate-free newest buzz in PVC


Last week, I received a press release that stated that “Georgia Gulf Corporation’s commitment to developing renewable materials to help end-use customers meet their sustainability goals took another step forward with the recent announcement of an agreement to collaborate with green chemistry company Segetis, Inc. to offer a new flexible vinyl compound based on Javelin technology bio-plasticizers from Segetis.”

It went on: “The Segetis bio-based plasticizers are built on a platform of cellulosic-based levulinic ketals, which Segetis has branded as Javelin technology. These plasticizers are compatible across a wide loading range, are highly efficient with excellent permanence and bring faster processing speeds and elevated temperature performance.

“The bio-based compounds with the Segetis plasticizers are suitable for a variety of consumer and industrial end products that would benefit from a non-phthalate solution, but won’t compromise on their ability to deliver specific properties,” said William H. Doherty, VP–vinyl compounds at Georgia Gulf. ...
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