Green Matter: Losing that virgin quality


Over the past years, PVC has increasingly grappled with its image as a "bad" plastic. Just how bad the image of this material really is becomes painfully clear from the results of quick Google search using the relatively unbiased search terms "PVC + environment". PVC, I learn, is the "worst plastic from an environmental health perspective". Called "the Poison Plastic", it is "one of the worst environmental and health offenders, yet it's the most widely used material". I read that "PVC plastic constantly emits toxins, such as dioxin, into the air," and that it "lasts forever and is toxic to make." And that was without even having to click the search results open.

And it's perfectly true: there are definitely a number of serious issues relating to PVC, concerning the end of life, controversial plasticizers, emissions during production, the use of cadmium and lead stabilizers, to name but a few, that need to be addressed. What's heartening to note is that this is exactly what is happening. Today, PVC is probably the world's most researched plastic.
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