Green Matter London 2012: Olympic effort to 'paint the town green'


Winning the bid for the 2012 Olympics was just the start. In 2007, Tony Blair, then prime minister of the UK declared that the London 2012 Games could become a "cutting edge example of sustainability". A recently published report compiled by BioRegional and WWF-UK concluded that, in fact, the city has actually done quite well: "London 2012 is the Olympics that sets a new sustainability standard for future Games".

Obviously, there were also a few disappointments, including the "failure to meet the renewable energy targets set out in the bid", but in general, the reviews have been cautiously optimistic. The report lauded, for example "the use of carbon footprinting and carbon management across decision making", which it called "a decisive step with the potential to become a standard for all major projects." Also, the use of temporary structures, lightweight venues, sustainable materials and 'legacy-proof' design was favorably hailed, as was the fact that, for the first time "food had been included in the sustainability strategy of any Games". ...
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