Green Matter: Ingeo helps to give the environment a sporting chance

Over the past six or seven years, a quiet revolution has been taking place as the sports industry—national and international—has increasingly committed to environmental stewardship. As more and more information about the sheer impact of sports on the environment became available, the industry has been spurred into action.

After all, as a 2012 report from the NRDC, aptly entitled 'Game Changer', pointed out: "Hundreds of millions of people of all political, social, religious and economic backgrounds watch sporting events each year, and the global supply chain of the sports industry includes the largest and most influential corporations in the world. In fact, while only 13% of Americans say they follow science, 61% identify themselves as sports fans."

Sports hold a central place in economic, social and cultural life. The sports industry has an incredible potential for large-scale impact on the environmental dimensions of sustainability. It's cheering to see that today, sports teams and venues are among those leading the way in developing better recycling and waste strategies. One of the most striking initiatives is the Green Sports Alliance, in which teams from six major professional sports leagues joined forces to create a non-profit organization aimed at helping leagues, teams and stadiums to improve their environmental performance. Since its founding in 2011, the Alliance has grown to over 170 teams and venues from 15 sports leagues....

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