Green Matter: Evonik launches Rayon-reinforced biobased PA


Biobased polyamides have long proven their value in the industry. Now, with the launch of a new, rayon-reinforced biobased PA, Evonik has gone a step further towards the development of a polyamide composite that combines a high bio-content with a good reinforcement potential.

Evonik’s biopolyamides, marketed under the name Vestamid Terra form the matrix of the ne composite. Two polyamide grades of the Vestamid Terra product families form the polymer matrix: Terra HS and Terra DS. The latter is a 100% bio-based PA10.10 that offers properties between standard shorter-chain PA6 and high-performance, long-chain PA12; the former is a PA6.10 containing approximately 60% renewable raw materials. Both are produced, partially or wholly, from the non-edible castor oil plant and both compounds are available as glass fiber-reinforced grades with glass content of 30-65%....
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