Green Matter: Cellulose films and sustainable paper: Made for each other


What happens when a leading global producer of cellulose films for packaging and labels meets the worlds leading producer of sustainable specialty papers? The chemistry between the two generates an innovative laminate solution, at least in this case. The companies in question are Innovia Films and Sappi Fine Paper Europe, and they have now joined forces to develop new laminate solutions for flexible packaging applications. The new laminates provide technical functionality, are made from renewable resources and are suitable for industrial and home composting or even for use in anaerobic digestion plants, providing a good source of renewable fuel.

Flexible Packaging: Bane or boon?

Hailed with enthusiasm by packaging manufacturers and end users, the use of flexible films has enabled the development of cost-effective packaging solutions coupled with excellent product protection characteristics. In this way, all packaging films contribute to waste reduction throughout the packaged-goods supply chain....
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