Green Matter: Carbon Capture redefined; CO2 as feedstock


As atmospheric carbon dioxide levels continue to rise, CO2-based polymers would appear to offer an intriguing means to capture and reuse CO2 that, up to now, was at best considered waste and at worst, an environmental hazard.

CO2 recycling is rapidly becoming a hot topic for the future for many large companies in the chemicals and plastics sector. The production of value-added products, materials and fuel from CO2 feedstocks could help to close the carbon cycle, and it offers an example of sustainable future technologies aimed at saving natural resources and energy.

The burgeoning interest in CO2 has prompted the organization in October of an international conference entitled "CO2 as Feedstock for Chemistry and Polymers" that will cover "an incredibly wide range of uses for CO2, developing a vision for a sustainable carbon dioxide economy". The conference is being held in Essen, Germany at Haus der Technik.
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