Green Matter: Bioplastics Business Breakfasts on the menu at K 2013

As bioplastics move towards becoming an intrinsic part of the plastics industry, people are sitting up and starting to take a real interest. This, at least was what Michael Thielen, the brain behind the K 2013 Bioplastics Business Breakfasts, saw at K 2010 when the breakfasts were organized for the first time.
This time around, the event—a three-day series of mini-symposia—has been reworked into a longer program that offers a quarter more presentations than the previous edition: an accurate reflection of the way attitudes towards bioplastics and technologies have evolved in just three short years.

Nonetheless, there are a great many people, including designers, product developers, converters and manufacturers, who are still relatively unaware of what is going on in bioplastics today. Yet with sustainability and green branding becoming a higher priority for consumers, investors, and society at large, it is important to realize that bioplastics can significantly contribute to a company’s sustainability strategy—and impact businesses' bottom lines.

For this reason, Michael Thielen is targeting a broad group of attendees with his Bioplastics Business Breakfasts. “Everyone interested in renewably sourced alternatives for traditional plastics should attend,” he says. “There are recognized experts from industry, academia and associations sharing their expertise and offering responses to all kind of questions that may arise. The breakfast meetings also provide a unique opportunity for networking.”...

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