Green Matter: Biobased polyamide targets B&C at K

At K2013, EcoPaXX, DSM’s castor oil-based polyamide 410 will be shown as one answer to the increasing need for the use of sustainable raw materials in buildings. EcoPaXX is a high- performance, 70% biobased polyamide, which offers excellent resistance to chemicals and hydrolysis and hence is suitable for numerous demanding applications. Earlier applications have mainly been in the electrical and automotive markets; the use of EcoPaXX in insulating profiles for aluminum windows marks this material’s first foray into the construction industry

According to DSM, aluminum window suppliers are looking for new ways to bring more sustainable products to the market, and EcoPaXX provides them with an excellent opportunity to do so.
As Caroline Mitterlehner, global segment manager building and construction at DSM, explains, “Leading and innovative aluminum window producers want to develop product offerings that not only demonstrate sustainability in the use phase, but also demonstrate sustainability in the materials used to construct their products. The vision is to move towards the use of materials with a bio-based content and a lower carbon footprint than current products used.”...

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