Green Matter: Bayer MaterialScience underscores commitment to ‘science for a better life’

Speaking at a Media Round Table conference held at Bayer's Antwerp site, Patrick Thomas, chairman of the board of management at Bayer MaterialScience, discussed the importance of sustainability and social responsibility - within the context of economic viability. "People, planet and profit - it has to be all three," he said.

That is the case for the company's investment in carbon dioxide-based polyurethane, Thomas said. Replacing a non-renewable oil derivative with CO2 means that "CO2 is 30% of the polyol component in polyurethane, which is two-thirds of the total material. So that's a substantial replacement," he said. "By far, most goes into mattresses, which is a huge market. We're working closely with Ikea in this area. Ikea's a company that thoroughly scrutinizes its supply chain and is actively working to reduce its carbon footprint. Developments like these that can help."

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