Green Matter: Arkema wins Pierre Potier prize – again

The French Pierre Potier prize, created in 2005 to recognize innovations in chemistry that support sustainable development, went this year once again to the Arkema group. The prize, which the company has received several times already in the past, was awarded this time for the development of Rilsan HT, the first thermoplastic from the polyphthalamide (PPA) family available on the market to combine high temperature resistance with flexibility – and with a renewable carbon content of up to 70%.

Touted as a ground-breaking metal-replacement innovation, Rilsan HT is said to be six times lighter than steel and three times lighter than aluminum. Its high temperature resistance makes it suitable for under-the-hood tubing applications, says Arkema.

The result of ongoing research at Arkema’s Cedato center in Normandy, France, the high-temperature biopolymer is made from the seeds of the inedible castor bean and, in the first instance, was developed with carmakers in mind. For decades Arkema has been developing its expertise in polyamide 11, a lightweight, flexible nylon, with excellent chemical and thermal (up to 150°C) stability properties. Yet to comply with the latest developments in the environmental legislation and regulations, this was not enough. ...

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