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Labotek Gravi-Dryer System
Labotek Gravi-Dryer®

Drying of plastics raw materials is crucial in the manufacturing of a high quality product. Labotek´s drying equipment is based on the aim of ensuring the highest possible levels of reliability, consistency, simplicity and flexibility.

Labotek is manufacturing a wide range of dry air drying systems, depending of the product being dried. Our comprehensive range of desiccant drying units is starting from 100m3/h and extends up to 8500 m3/h. Drying hoppers are sized from 15 litres up to 10000 litres. Labotek is offering premium solutions in drying, either as single drying units or large centralised drying system solutions. The philosophy behind Labotek´s drying equipment is simple: To achieve continuous drying without costly interruptions to production, made possible through high quality equipment, operating at lowest possible emmisions.

A gravimetric drying hopper is capable of tracking the filling & discharge of plastic raw materials via the ”gain in weight” & ”loss in weight principles” in the most
energy efficient ways available. The system ONLY uses the energy required for the actual material type and consumption, therefore NO excess energy is used.

The Gravi-Dryer® has proven accuracy down to 0.5% and enables full control and tracking history of the individual material consumption for each drying
hopper and will ramp the airflow up and down according to the actual consumption. Furthermore the filling of a drying hopper via the ”ramp up principle”, eliminates
the risk of over drying the raw materials. When material usage is lowered, the central desiccant dryer will perform automatic adjustment of dry air flow
through the built in frequency control.

The Gravi-Dryer® system is combining the Labo-Net control system with one or more central desiccant dryers DFD and one or more drying hoppers (DH),
including conveying systems as described on following pages:

The Labo-Net control system takes full control the Gravi-Dryer® materials handling requirements. A user-friendly interface via 10” touch screen provides automatic control of Drying and conveying of raw materials. The Labo-Net system is supplied in wall mounted cabinet and enables great visual appearance of the features. Labo-Net is able to handle the Gravi-Dryer® Systems & Labotek frequency controlled vacuum stations as standard. The Labo-Net uses network communication between system components via the well known, flexible and very reliable AS-Interface & Siemens Profi Net.
The filling of each Gravi-Dryer® is fully automated and adjusted according to material usage in process machinery connected and does not require any manual interference. The Labo-Net control has automated self leaning logic and monitors any variation to the material usage, and will correct parameters accordingly if required.