Government supports additive manufacturing technology; just be careful how you use it


Remember the blog I wrote almost exactly one year ago about a headline in Manufacturing & Technology News that caught my eye: "Government Is Pushing Full Speed Ahead On Additive Manufacturing." The editorial by Richard A. McCormack, editor of Manufacturing & Technology News, discussed "the creation of a major new pilot manufacturing center that will focus on the development and implementation of 'additive manufacturing' technologies." It was the 'buzz' at last year's RAPID 2012 conference.

According to McCormack's information, the "center is expected to be funded at $45 million with money that has already been appropriated by Congress. Of the total, $30 million will come from the Departments of Energy and Defense, of which up to $15 million will be used to buy equipment. Another $10 million will be provided by the DOD ManTech program. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will contribute $5 million. NASA is also involved."

Last year, the government opened the first of these tech institutes in Youngstown, OH, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, the first of what an article in today's Wall Street Journal (White House Makes a Push for Tech Research) says will eventually be 15 such institutes, if the Administration can get the $1 billion in funding.
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