Goodbye, water bottle; hello, pouch?


Colleges across the country made headlines this week, not due to March Madness, but because more than 90 schools, including Harvard University, are banning or restricting the use of plastic water bottles.

Students are encouraged to use stainless-steel bottles, and various hydration stations where free water is available.

In response, the International Bottled Water Association released a statement proclaiming the water bottle ban "fails students."

"Bottled water is most often an alternative to other packaged drinks, which are often less healthy, and is not necessarily an alternative to tap water," stated Chris Hogan, IBWA vp of communications. "The EPA has calculated that plastic bottled water containers make up just 0.03% of the U.S. waste stream. So, getting rid of bottled water on campus will not make a significant improvement to waste issues."...
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