Gneuss: Optimization of polyamide processing with MRS technology

The patented MRS concept from Gneuss offers an efficient gas exchange in the processing section combined with excellent mixing properties.

An important application is the removal and recovery of caprolactam. In this case by starting from pellets or by direct coupling to the polymerization process a vacuum is applied to the processing section of the MRS. The volatiles in the melt are already efficiently removed by applying a pressure of 20 mbar. Tests have shown excellent practical results when using pressures below 2 mbar. With the vacuum system offered by Gneuss also pressures below 0,1 mbar can be achieved as an option. The conditioned polyamide can be pelletized or directly processed to various final products (e.g. carpet yarn, BCF, POY, film). By direct processing high cost and energy savings can be achieved.

Another application is the recycling of fiber waste, where the MRS offers by its degassing properties an efficient removal of contaminants and volatiles, e.g. spinning oil.

Complete solutions are offered from Gneuss by combining MRS technology with filtration and preprocessing technologies.

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