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Gneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH at the K 2010: News from all 3 business areas

MRS Extruder established in the market

Since its debut at the K 2007, Gneuß Kunststofftechnik from Bad Oeynhausen, Germany will be presenting its MRS extruder from its Processing Technology business area, for the second time at the “K” show. This extruder has been enthusiastically received by the market – more than 15 units have been sold worldwide, for sheet, fibre, strapping tape and recycling applications. Of course, Gneuss will also be displaying exhibits from its longer established and well known product groups, Filtration Technology and Measurement Technology.

In the three years since its introduction, the MRS extruder has become a key technology for the processing of PET post consumer flakes without pre-drying. Ever more processors have become convinced by the extremely high devolatilizing and decontamination performance of this completely new type of extruder together with its attractive investment and running costs. Thanks to its patented combination of single screw extruder together with a multiple screw section is the extruder also particularly robust, as well as easy to operate and maintain.

At this year´s „K“, Gneuss will for the first time be showing a complete line for the direct recycling of light fibre or film scrap, consisting of an MRS 110 extruder, equipped with a Cutter / Feeder Combination together with an RSFgenius 150 and an Online Viscometer VIS. This new combination of equipment permits the processing of the most diverse fibre and film waste to a product which is comparable with virgin material, at a throughput rate of 500 to 700 kg/h.

The Gneuss Filtration Technology product group will present its Rotary Melt Filtration Systems at the „K“, with further design enhancements. With the latest generation of RSFgenius Melt Filtration Systems, Gneuss has once again extended its technological lead and with regard to back flushing material waste levels and energy consumption, sets new unparalleled standards.

With the optimisation of the back flushing (which is now completely electronically controlled) and further improvement of heating and insulation, filtration with the RSFgenius models is now even more efficient.

All models for extrusion lines of medium capacity from 500 to 4.000 kg/h. now have an active filtration area increased by up to 40 %. In many cases, this permits the use of one model size smaller at the same throughput rate and filtration performance, considerably reducing the investment cost.

An SFXmagnus melt filtration system will be exhibited, which thanks to a strengthened drive system is suitable for high pressure applications.

Last but not least, Gneuss rounds of the package of new developments with products from its Measurement Technology product group. The complete range of Melt Pressure Transducers has been changed to the non mercury NTXTM- medium as standard, and which permits even more reliable and accurate measurements than with mercury. With this step, Gneuss has set new standards with regard to environmental friendliness and safety. The second new development is the Extrusion Pressure Monitoring System (EPM). Gneuss is the first manufacturer of Melt Pressure Transducers to offer a package to match the increased European requirements on the over pressure safeguarding of extruders.

Detailed information on the new products and developments can be found in the individual press releases to the 3 Gneuss product groups.