Global Plastics Summit: U.S. demand for PVC will grow with construction

With the shale gas boom driving North American PE projects, Steve Brien, global business director for IHS, said that there will be excess ethylene.

"Whether that goes into PVC or another derivative, I can't tell you," he said at the Global Plastics Summit, sponsored by IHS and SPI. "But PVC producers want to get their hands on that ethylene molecule."

Total PVC demand in 2013 is estimated at 38.5 million metric tones. Northeast Asia counts for almost half of the demand (45%) while the U.S. is at 19%. Between 2013 and 2018, year-on-year growth for PVC is expected to be closer to 4%. A wave of capacity additions - the majority located in China -- is exacerbating today's weaker demand growth environment.

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