Giant PVC tube could revolutionize global fishing industry

Traditional mesh trawl nets certainly do their job when it comes to extracting marine resources from the seas but they have several major drawbacks: they damage the catch; and they can harm and even kill undersize fish as well as larger unwanted marine animals such as sharks and rays that are thrown back. Then there's the tendency for trawlers to discard excess target catch rather than face fines upon returning to shore. Now, humble PVC resin may deliver a major advance to what is a 150-year-old technology and solve all of these problems in one fell swoop.

Dubbed Precision Seafood Harvesting, the technology does away with traditional trawl nets and, instead, sees fish contained and swimming comfortably underwater inside a large flexible PVC liner where they can be sorted for the correct size before being brought on-board the fishing vessel. The break-through design of the harvesting system greatly increases protection for small fish that can swim free through 'escape portals.'

Once on deck, the fish are still swimming inside the liner, in perfect condition, meaning fresher, more sustainable fish for consumers and higher value products for fishing companies using the technology. At thia point, large non-target fish (by-catch) as well as any undersize fish still present can be released unharmed.....

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