Getting the upper hand on counterfeiters in a global supply chain


Global supply chains present challenges for OEMs as their ability to ensure that every component part and every product made by their suppliers is genuine, made to specifications with the approved materials and sub-components is authentic, has been reduced. Nearly every day we see recalls of products whose authenticity is called into question because of a consumer problem.

Is that UL label on that coffee maker made in China a genuine UL label? Or is the label fake and the materials in the coffee maker itself a cause for kitchen fires? This was the situation that a nationally known brand of coffee makers found itself in a number of years ago. From consumer products to automotive parts (remember the Aston Martin accelerator pedal arm) and toys, counterfeiting has taken on new levels of concern, with plastic materials being at the heart of many of these counterfeit products.

"It's no longer enough for brand owners to have a reactive approach to counterfeiting," said Sarah Skidmore, marketing manager for Plastics Color Corp. "While this is not a new problem, we're to the point with advances in technology that brand owners can transition into being proactive."
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