Getting certified 'Made in USA' pays off


When Adam Reiser and a partner founded a magazine nine years ago titled “Made In USA,” they wrote articles about companies making products in the USA. However, Reiser, who today is CEO and co-founder of Made In USA Certified (, found out that “people speak with forked tongue.” While they were telling Reiser that their products were being made in this country, in actuality they were shipping products in from China and relabeling them “Made in USA.”

“What triggered this was a guy in California who could never get my e-mail address correct,” Reiser told PlasticsToday. “He kept spelling my name “Atom” and said he never heard of the name “Adam.” So I flew to California and watched as his workers unloaded boxes of products from China and repackaged them to say Made In USA. That’s when I knew we had to check everyone and verify everything we were being told.”

In 2007, someone suggested to Reiser that they begin to offer certification for their Made In USA products. He looked at the various certification agencies out there, and spoke to people in Washington, DC about U.S. manufacturing. When the recession crisis hit in 2008 and 2009, and companies were hemorrhaging jobs and more work was going offshore, Reiser and his partner decided to offer a formal Made In USA certification.
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