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Get ready for one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. The adventure begins right NOW! COLORAKEL: There really are such things as heroes Episode 1

During the day, the much-respected color psychologist Dr. Coloris conducts research with highly sophisticated methods in the laboratories of the GRAFE DESIGN CENTER. However, at the end of his working day, he is transformed into the courageous hero, COLORAKEL. Come along and join him on eighteen of his breath-taking adventures and have a look through his special glasses at the colors for 2014. The adventure begins right NOW.

Our hero’s first story begins not by saving the world or with any other typical super-hero story. No, it begins in a practice. Not just in any practice, but in a psychologist’s practice. We see a ghost lying on the couch and talking about his life, describing his fears towards others and the feelings they evoke. “I always feel like people can see right through me“, says the ghost. As COLORAKEL listens attentively, he discovers a subtle purple shimmer in the ghost’s otherwise transparent gown. It’s such a subtle shimmer that he drifts off into dreamland. Yet almost immediately, COLORAKEL returns to his senses and answers the enchanting patient.

„Dear ghost, upon first glance, your appearance does seem transparent but upon closer observation, there appears to be a purple glow hidden in the depths of your being. You are truly an inspiration for my Color Preview 2014 and I shall call this color TRANSPARENT-PURPLE. The whole world will see you now through different eyes and be amazed, for you are indeed something very special.”

Get ready for another one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.