German chemicals company Evonik establishes Medical Devices Project House in Alabama


Chemicals company Evonik (Hanau, Germany) is ready to launch its Medical Devices Project House in Birmingham, AL, with a branch in Hanau (Germany). The company's eleventh such project house but its first in the medtech arena, its goal is to develop system solutions for medical technology and expand Evonik's capabilities in biomaterials and polymers, especially in implantable applications.

"We are pooling and expanding the interdisciplinary competencies of Evonik in the area of medical technology and biomaterial research," says Dr. Peter Nagler, Chief Innovation Officer. "By locating it in the United States, we are continuing to internationalize our R&D activities." The company established the Light & Electronics Project House in Taiwan in 2011.

Evonik currently supplies bicompatible Vestakeep PEEK and Resomer PLA materials for implants and Vestamid Care, a polyamide molding compound used for catheters, among other products. Additional products for medical technology applications include PMMA and methacrylate copolymers, which Evonik supplies under the brand name Degacryl for use as a raw material in bone cement and dental applications.
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