Genomatica a step closer to biobased butanediol for use in polyesters and polyurethanes


Genomatica (San Diego, CA) successfully produced bio-based butanediol (BDO) in its first demonstration-scale fermentation, calling the achievement a "milestone on our rapid path to commercialization." Genomatica and its project partner, Tate & Lyle, utilized that company's 13,000-liter tank in Decatur, IL to produce BDO by using genetically engineered E. coli that metabolize sugar into 1,4-butanediol.

That chemical building block is an intermediate for the chemical industry that reacts with dicarboxylic acids to yield polyesters; diisocyanates to yield polyurethanes; and with phosgene to yield chloroformates, according to BASF's diols group. The main uses for BDO are in the production of cellular plastics, thermoplastic polyesters, hot-melt adhesives, and plasticizers....
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