Genesis and PolyOne cooperate on RF welding

A new technology from Genesis Plastics Welding enables non-halogenated and non-plasticised GLS Versaflex TPEs to be RF-welded into any two-dimensional shape or configuration, including mandrels. Traditional RF welding techniques were restricted to high dielectric loss materials and TPEs could only be heat-sealed, limiting configurations to straight lines.

PolyOne/GLS has validated the ecoGenesis welding technology for use with Versaflex CLE and Versaflex MT220. .

About ecoGenesis and Genesis Plastics Welding

Genesis is a plastics welding contract manufacturer specialising in RF welding of thermoplastic products and components for industries including medical, military, automotive, marine and consumer products. The company's proprietary heat sealing technology allows RF welding of PE, PP, and nearly any low-loss polymer in film, foam and fabric layers. The technology is ideal for the replacement of PVC and PU with phthalate-free plastics as it causes polymers with low dielectric loss factors to respond to RF welding just like PVC.

The company's plastics welding technology, ecoGenesis, also aids in cost reduction as it eliminates the need for expensive heat seal additives, accelerates the production process and enables the substitution of lower cost raw materials. Available for private licensing to manufacturers, ecoGenesis can be integrated into any existing RF heat sealing machine.
The company is based in Fortville, IN, USA, near Indianapolis.