Genesis Plastics Welding projects sales growth of 18% to 22%

Growing demand for engineered bags coupled with a major expansion will fuel sales growth of 18% to 22% this year at Genesis Plastics Welding (Fortville, IN), CEO Tom Ryder said in an interview today at MD&M East in Philadelphia.

The company, which has a proprietary technology to RF weld olefin medical plastics, recently added a third Class 7 medical cleanroom in response to growing demand for single-use and easy-to-sterilize medical devices. Genesis is a contract manufacturer of specialized plastic bags. The company's employment has grown from 48 in 2009 to 87 today.

"Increasingly, engineers are coming to us and saying we have this problem," Ryder said. "Can you help us fix it?"

One example is REDpoint's StedLine IV Sleeve, which acts as a stabilizing device for an IV primary line set. Ryder said the the product improves patient comfort and also reduces the risk of failure. Genesis engineers suggested use a bicomponent film made of copolyester string coated with polyethylene.

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