Gauge-Rite subsidiary sees substantial growth

Since purchasing Gauge-Rite Inc. in September of 2011, Unique Tool & Gauge Inc., a mold manufacturer located in Windsor, ON has seen substantial growth in Gauge-Rite’s business. According to Darcy King, VP of Sales and Engineering for Unique Tool (, taking on a new business is always a challenge – even if that business is complementary to the moldmaking business.

“As a mold shop, when we received a contract to do gauge work we would outsource that,” he explained to PlasticsToday. “While these gauges and holding and checking fixtures are fairly simple to build in-house, it takes machine time that can be used to do what we do best – making molds.”

Since the purchase of Gauge-Rite, King has gotten more orders for gauges and fixtures accompanying the orders for molds, making the company a “one-stop shop” for all of their customers’ requirements. “Since the trend among automotive OEMs is to reduce the number of vendors in order to streamline the supply chain, we can manage it all for them.”

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