Gammaflux Europe: Benno Kippes is new Managing Director

René A. Bertschi, Managing Director of Gammaflux Europe GmbH, Wiesbaden-Erbenheim/Germany, will retire at the end of the Year after spending 15 years building up the European facility of Gammaflux, one of the world's leading manufacturers of hot runner temperature control systems. Bertschi's successor is Benno Kippes, who has been responsible for Distribution and Marketing ever since the European company was founded. Thus this change of management will in no way affect the continuity of Gammaflux's operations, neither internally nor in terms of customer relations, announced the company.

René A. Bertschi was Managing Director of Gammaflux Europe from the very beginning, that is to say, from the day of its founding on the 1st January 1997. He had already gained vast experience with Gammaflux hot runner temperature controllers as a business manager for Hot runners at Husky in Canada and in Wiesbaden and was therefore all the more interested in the task of developing the market for these controllers, which at that time were hardly known in Germany and Europe. One of the first things he did was to build up a distribution network based on an intensive supplier/customer relationship and backed by a final controller assembly facility in Wiesbaden.

Recently asked to summarize the overall results of his work, Bertschi replied: "This year Gammaflux Europe will have sold about ten times as many controller units as in the year of its founding, and instead of just three the Company today has seven highly motivated employees. We have now had to extend our office, assembly and warehousing facilities, and I am particularly pleased to say that Gammaflux has already managed to regain and exceed its market share caused by the finance and economic crisis. Those are the prerequisites for a continuous future development of Gammaflux Europe.”

Benno Kippes, the new Managing Director, sums up his objectives as follows: "Our core task is of course the further strengthening of Gammaflux Europe's position in the market, and we are therefore planning to increase our presence in some of its regions. We shall also be intensifying our training seminars, which are already in great demand. On the technical side, we aim to achieve an even closer link between hot runner know-how and the injection moulding process, one example being the improvement of the mould filling process. Our ultimate aim is a comprehensive, uniform feedback control of the entire injection moulding process.”