RJG, Inc.

Gain control over the two greatest variables in injection molding: People and plastic

The eDART System™ helps you gain control over the two greatest variables in injection molding: People and plastic. Today's eDART has three software modules.

The eDART flx module allows you to use in-cavity pressure and temperature sensors to see what’s happening in the mold. Discover which parameters are essential to your product quality and automatically divert reject parts. This eliminates costly and time consuming manual inspection.

Recognizing that it is not practical to put cavity pressure sensors into every mold all at once, the next best thing is to monitor the machine and material and make corrections in a systematic way. RJG’s new eDART conx™ (pronounced “connects”) software module provides users with the ability to view machine conditions, giving them the ability to easily verify that a process is running to the established set-up and is repeatable. The software will also let users know whether or not the material viscosity is within an acceptable range. Knowing immediately when something changes so appropriate action can be taken helps drive improved efficiencies.

The eDART apex gives you all the features of the conx and flx in one system..plus more! Reduce scrap and processing time and know how a job is operating at a glance. Harness the power of valve gate sequencing for ultimate processing control. View historical data on every shot of your process. Minimize the impact of process variation with DECOUPLED MOLDINGSM techniques.

All eDARTs (whether using flx, conx, or apex software) will show up on a system overview screen. This screen indicates each machine’s status and how much it has deviated from the process that should be running. Once a process “template” is established the eDART sends a record of any deviations in machine speeds and pressures from that template to the overview. A quick scan down the overview screen will let you know any processes that aren’t being run to their established set-up. Processing experts can access the overview and eDARTs remotely to assist, saving valuable time and effort.