Gabriel-Chemie opens laboratory in Poland and expands partner network

With the opening of a laboratory in Lodz / Poland, the Gabriel-Chemie Group continues its growth on the European market.

In doing so the company not only strengthens its position as an internationally oriented masterbatch manufacturer; its presence on the Polish market also brings significant advantages for existing customers of colour matchings.

"We have already had a sales office in Poland for six years now. Our circle of customers is constantly increasing and we see a rising need for fast reaction. A local laboratory offers our customers better and faster service", DI Rodolfo Santa Olalla explains, CEO of the Gabriel-Chemie Group. "This is also an important step towards improving the cooperation with large, internationally operating customers and providing trans-national support."

At the same time as the opening of the laboratory in Poland, Gabriel-Chemie established another Sales Office in Zagreb / Croatia with the aim of delivering additive-, colour- and combination-masterbatches to local plastics processors and exploiting market potential.

"In the coming years we will continue to be committed to the step-by-step expansion of business and the internationalisation of our group of companies", DI Rodolfo Santa Olalla prognoses. "In doing so we hope to create an optimum basis for trans-national service for our customers and partners."

More Information: www.gabriel-chemie.com