Gabriel-Chemie: 60 years of company existence and 40 years of masterbatch production

Sixty years have passed since Josef Houska founded a commercial enterprise in Vienna together with a partner. In March 2010, the founder of the company celebrates his 85th birthday and can look back on a successful life. An international group of companies evolved from the initial commercial enterprise, which is still independent and in private ownership.

Houska withdrew from operative business operations many years ago and left the management to his daughter, Elisabeth Sommer and Rodolfo Santa Olalla.

Exactly forty years ago the first masterbatches were produced in Vienna. The technology came from the USA, the know-how from the "staff of the first golden days" and the machines were built under own initiative.

The Gabriel-Chemie Group employs a workforce of almost 500 worldwide and generated a turnover of 72.5 million euros in the last business year, which was influenced by the economic crisis.

In the meantime, additive, paint and combination masterbatches are being built at the company headquarters in Gumpoldskirchen (picture below) and at five other production locations in Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, the Czech Republic and in Russia, and the company now belongs to the top ten masterbatch manufacturers in Europe.

More Information: www.gabriel-chemie.com