G&F Medical hikes capacity in LSR overmolding niche


G&F Medical has added two injection molding machines to its three-year-old 15,000-sq-ft facility in Danvers, MA this year and is in the planning stages to add two more in 2013.

The sister company of G&F Industries in Sturbridge, MA is racking up consistent annual gains in sales due to its focus on specialized liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding, particularly overmolding on substrates ranging from polypropylene to nickel titanium alloys.

"There's growing interest in LSR because of its favorable properties for medical applications, and we differentiate ourselves by overmolding on substrates in which we have developed proprietary processing techniques from research and testing," said Nirav Patel, general manager of G&F Medical, in an interview with Plastics Today.
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