Gruniverpal Tranchero S.a.s.


After 60 years experience Gruniverpal Tranchero is today recognized as one of the best worldwide manufacturers of systems and machines for handling the moulds until a weight of 100 tons in the plastic injection and tyres market, with a range of products considered as the most complete available on the international market. The consolidated leadership in this area was achieved mainly thanks to the continue collaboration with our customers which now makes it possible to offer more than 300 models, that can be customized according also to special requirements. The customers are always at the hub of all our activities and we take pride in our achievements in finding the best solutions for all of them. For any requirement in moulding including the most complex, you can always count on Gruniverpal Tranchero. We can transform all of your projects into success for your company with versatile solution that let to change the moulds as quickly as possible assuring in the meantime the total positioning accuracy.
During the K International Trade Fair 2013, Gruniverpal will exhibit his latest news: the new GB series with rotating boom and capacity until 750 Kg, the renewed MINIDREL S series with capacity until 25.000 Kg and the new trolley TRANSIDREL 350 with capacity 80.000 Kg.
The GB series (suitable to injection machine with clamp force until 180 tons), has been developed for customers that need easy handling for all types of moulds in very restricted spaces. The extremely compact dimensions of this crane reflects all technological know-how acquired over 60 years: automatic rotating boom without use of stabilizers, electronic overloading system, control by wireless remote control, battery charger on board.
We are able to do this thanks to our high quality engineering, appreciated world-wide for precision and constancy, resulting in machines with very high technology that will perform 365 days/year at outstanding performance levels but also able to achieve low energy consumption. Commitment, passion and technological development once again confirm the capacity of Gruniverpal to propose innovative products as the completely renewed version of MINIDREL S (suitable to injection machine with clamp force until 2400 tons): total absence of oscillation during moulds lifting and handling operations thanks to the new hydraulic system with controlled deceleration, maximum autonomy thanks to the special batteries, total polyvalence thanks to the wireless remote control and to the possibility to use this crane also has a forklift thanks to the reclining forks. Responding to the ever increasing focus on environmental problems, we have managed to combine the success we have achieved with the MINIDREL S series with a drastic reduction in the energy consumption thanks to the GEL batteries of new generation, sound emissions and the cleanliness of the workplace by eliminating the use partially of oil for machine movements.
Striving to maintain technological market leadership Gruniverpal has developed this year the new version of TRANSIDREL (suitable to injection machine with clamp force until 4000 tons) fully wireless remote controlled : thanks to the patented kinematic system this machine lets to handle in total safety the moulds guarantying in the meantime changing times reduced of 40%.
This is why we are the trusted partners of the companies that ask for the best and are safe in the knowledge that, in our 60 years of existence, always uppermost in our thoughts was to mature and improve in order to put all our experience and passion into the development of machines that will remain at the forefront.
We are not only producers, but active partners for the entire life cycle of the machines. Thanks to a global after sale service organization, Gruniverpal Tranchero is able to follow its customers and its machines very closely, even if they are thousands miles far away. Once again, the excellent performances and the total reliability of the products dedicated to the plastic injection and tyres markets, makes that Gruniverpal Tranchero represent the ideal partner to guarantee his customers all the knowledge and the support needed to succeed and to be competitive in their own business!!!