GRAFE Advanced Polymers GmbH

GRAFE-masterbatches for laser inscription

Blankenhain/Thüringen – Specialist plastics processors GRAFE
from Thuringia provide masterbatches for laser marking. Laser-marked
plastics are resistant to chemicals and abrasion, and inscriptions therefore
remain clear over long periods of time. Using our own Foba laser marker to
conduct preliminary tests, we can determine the optimal settings. GRAFE
thus supports its customers by providing the perfect laser marking solution
with a comprehensive range of services.
"Laser marking is an efficient process in the design of plastic products and has become a
real alternative to conventional printing methods over the past years," says Danny Ludwig,
Head of Development at GRAFE. "It is quick and economical, and it produces a longlasting,
very clean, precise and well-defined marking without having to pre-treat the parts."
Laser marking can be effected in three types of marking colour - light, dark and coloured
marking. The end-result is determined by the process and by the polymer and the
admixtures used, such as pigments and other additives. These additives are necessary in the
laser marking process to guarantee the required standards of contrast, definition and
speed. Ludwig continues: "Depending on the desired application we develop the ideal
recipe for the masterbatches, which can then be tested in-house for writeability using our
own laser marker.
In this way our customer receives a fully tested plastic product and all the necessary
parameters for marking the part later." The adaptability of this technology to changing
layouts makes it suitable for use in any sector where components are marked without using
chemicals and are resistant to abrasion, for example the automotive and electronics