GM ignition switch supplied by Chinese firm


It seems that I write these types of articles all too often—the ones about bad parts coming from Chinese suppliers, like the accelerator-pedal arms on the Aston Martin found to be molded of counterfeit plastic material resulting in the recall of 17,000 cars.

An article in Canada's Business News Network stated that GM said the ignition switches that are to blame for its recent recall of millions of vehicles came from a Chinese supplier, Dalian Alps Electronics Co. Ltd.

Before we lay the blame totally at the feet of this Chinese supplier—there's certainly precedence for this given the history of recalled Chinese-made products and components—and call these parts defective, we need to ask if the parts were made to spec. GM has stated it was a design flaw and fired several people in the company's engineering department, as I wrote about in, "Problems with automotives have roots in the OEMs."
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